Google Latitude lets you share your location with your friends.

And, if you have enabled it, it can store a history of places where you've been.

I thought it'd be interesting to see that history on a map.


Latitude heatmaps

See Dale's heatmap

If you:

  • don't use Google Latitude
  • use Google Latitude but don't have History enabled
  • use Google Latitude and have History enabled, but aren't comfortable uploading your History

then you can look at mine as a demo.

My Latitude History

See your heatmap

If you want to see your own Latitude history:

  • Visit Google Latitude
  • Click on 'View location history'
  • Enter the date range that you want to map
  • Click on 'Export to KML' and save the file
  • Upload that file here


Is this another cunning expose of a security flaw?

Erm... no. You need to intentionally enable Latitude, manually enable the History, manually export the history and upload it here. No-one is spying on you here. It's just a bit of fun.

Are you going to save my Latitude history files and do something dastardly with them?

No. But wouldn't I say that if I did have a dastardly plan? Basically, you can either trust me, or if it would put your mind at ease, you could download and run the code yourself.

Did you write the library that generates the heatmaps?

Nope, I just parse your Latitude file. The heatmap code was written by Björn Höhrmann. Good, isn't it?

How can I share my history map?

Save the generated page and upload it to your own space on the web. Sorry, it's a cop-out, isn't it? But at this point, I don't provide a way to save and host your history.

I get an error saying my Latitude history file is too big!

Yeah, sorry about that. That's a Google App Engine quota problem - it limits the size of requests. To be fair, it is a free server, so I can't really blame them. If you're a geek, you could you could download and run the code on your own machine where you won't have these limits. If you're not, you'll need to export a Latitude history file for a shorter time period. Sorry.

Is this going to work?

Maybe. I was just mucking about, so it might work. Or it might fall over in a heap.